Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pitt Cake! Best Wishes Kiley!

My mom asked me to make this special cake for a colleague of hers who attended Pitt Law School and has recently accepted an employment position with the University of Pittsburgh. In my mind champagne is a great way to celebrate any promotion or any occasion- however drinking at work- not such a great idea. Haha! Therefore, my second best option- A champagne flavored frosting!
The crest on the top of the cake was made of fondant and hand painted. This was my favorite part of making the cake And the most time consuming. The gold was airbrushed for depth. This two layer cake had one layer of chocolate fudge and one layer of classic white. Best wishes to Kiley in all her endeavors! I know your co-workers will miss you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

happy birthday!! Roses, Roses, Roses

I created this cake for a friend of my grandmother who was turning 80! It had a decadent fresh banana cream filling that was to die for. Bad choice of words, but you get what I am saying. This was my first experience with roses. Not too shabby, I must say. ~xoxo Jenni

Tattoo Cake ~ Ed Hardy Style

This cake I did on a whim with the extra chocolate organic stout frosting that I had left over from another cake! Very rich and decadent. xoxo~ Jenni

Groom's Cake for Tim with love, Katrina...

The Rehearsal Dinner at Rosebank Winery for Timothy Hunt and Katrina Asciolla was spectacular in it's simplicity. I cannot fully express how much the opportunity to create this cake meant to me. And- Talk about stress! I wanted so badly to create a perfect cake- funny it was so much easier than I thought it would be. Even though I traveled 400 miles with the pre-baked cakes and decorated them in a hotel room??? Yes. A challenge. This cake is near and "deer" to my heart- as a western PA girl and as a future sister to Katrina and Tim. At Katrina's request~ A rice crispy fondant tree stump with the bride and grooms initials and engagement date were not only the centerpiece~ but the base! As a gift to Tim & Katrina- Stephen and I created a keepsake cake platter of 3 inch wood, custom engraved with a wood burner and the exact insignia of the requested stump on the cake. The videographer was impressed enough to show it in the wedding video- debuted at the wedding! A very proud moment. Too many details........This cake had red velvet, chocolate w/ chambord, grand marnier, lemon, vanilla and an amazing organic oatmeal stout chocolate frosting..need I say more?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How it All Began! With JAN...........

It all started with a BABY! No, not my baby. My best friends baby.
Jennifer Lynn Lucas. Avery Jade. (with honorable mention Sean Lember). Her baby shower in Laguna Beach. Her cake. It had zoo animals. A blue elephant...stripes... yeah. I didn't make it. But I photographed it. And I knew I COULD make it.

So fast forward. I've been around the world (US) and I can't find my baby, (I don't have one yet@!). A song. Anyways. I live in Butler, PA. -And my new boss (Janice) is pregnant! I show her Jen's shower cake- SHE LOVES IT! I can make it. Decided. So- my boss- Janice has a theme. "traditional baby girl" meets "bumble". Let the creative process begin. MY first experience with Fondant. This cake was amazing. I spent nearly 10 hours making it. The very first buttercream recipe- a huge success! I am still using that recipe. A fresh strawberry cream filling- ahhhh heaven. Baby Janet's cake was THE cake that made me realize my true talent, my true passion. I have always been inspired by a piece of artwork that I bought in Maui in the spring of 2008. "Let what you love be what you do"~ Rumi. I love cakes. I do cakes. It isn't just cake. It's art. It's about you. The moment. The celebration. The memory. Unique, custom, special. Just like Jen, Avery, Jan and baby Janet.

LIL REBEL Theme 1st Birthday Cake

WOW! This cake was SO much Fun.
A good friend from Highschool called me to duty to make a cake with the Lil' Rebel Theme for her son Gavin Nash. I had So much fun with this Lil Rockstars cake! I even made bubble gum flavored frosting. The Rebel Skull & Crossbone is made of rice crispy treat covered in fondant. This was my first experience with Air Brushing. WINNING! LOL. I love the depth it brings to the cake design. The argyle and silver metal candy ball adornments added an extra special edge to this cake. I used the invitation as inspiration and created personalized decor for the "smash" cake, complete with Lil Gavin's adorable face! The moist marbled cake was custom colored blue and smokey grey to match the theme. - Jenni Heart xoxo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary!! Mom & Daddy Mills

This is a simple cake that I presented to my Mom and Step Dad on Steelers Football Sunday- in celebration of their 7th Anniversary. They LOVED it! Two Fresh Red Roses on a simple, white on white wedding recreation cake topper with hearts. Perfectly displayed on a Mackenzie Childs courtly check signature platter- a treasured gift from Stephanie Asciolla ( my much anticipated future mother - in - law ). Thank YOU!!