Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How it All Began! With JAN...........

It all started with a BABY! No, not my baby. My best friends baby.
Jennifer Lynn Lucas. Avery Jade. (with honorable mention Sean Lember). Her baby shower in Laguna Beach. Her cake. It had zoo animals. A blue elephant...stripes... yeah. I didn't make it. But I photographed it. And I knew I COULD make it.

So fast forward. I've been around the world (US) and I can't find my baby, (I don't have one yet@!). A song. Anyways. I live in Butler, PA. -And my new boss (Janice) is pregnant! I show her Jen's shower cake- SHE LOVES IT! I can make it. Decided. So- my boss- Janice has a theme. "traditional baby girl" meets "bumble". Let the creative process begin. MY first experience with Fondant. This cake was amazing. I spent nearly 10 hours making it. The very first buttercream recipe- a huge success! I am still using that recipe. A fresh strawberry cream filling- ahhhh heaven. Baby Janet's cake was THE cake that made me realize my true talent, my true passion. I have always been inspired by a piece of artwork that I bought in Maui in the spring of 2008. "Let what you love be what you do"~ Rumi. I love cakes. I do cakes. It isn't just cake. It's art. It's about you. The moment. The celebration. The memory. Unique, custom, special. Just like Jen, Avery, Jan and baby Janet.

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