Thursday, September 22, 2011

Groom's Cake for Tim with love, Katrina...

The Rehearsal Dinner at Rosebank Winery for Timothy Hunt and Katrina Asciolla was spectacular in it's simplicity. I cannot fully express how much the opportunity to create this cake meant to me. And- Talk about stress! I wanted so badly to create a perfect cake- funny it was so much easier than I thought it would be. Even though I traveled 400 miles with the pre-baked cakes and decorated them in a hotel room??? Yes. A challenge. This cake is near and "deer" to my heart- as a western PA girl and as a future sister to Katrina and Tim. At Katrina's request~ A rice crispy fondant tree stump with the bride and grooms initials and engagement date were not only the centerpiece~ but the base! As a gift to Tim & Katrina- Stephen and I created a keepsake cake platter of 3 inch wood, custom engraved with a wood burner and the exact insignia of the requested stump on the cake. The videographer was impressed enough to show it in the wedding video- debuted at the wedding! A very proud moment. Too many details........This cake had red velvet, chocolate w/ chambord, grand marnier, lemon, vanilla and an amazing organic oatmeal stout chocolate frosting..need I say more?

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